Efficiency tests demonstrated the noticeable
effects of Sisleÿum on skin.

Immediately, Sisleÿum provides comfort and freshness; Skin is soothed, moisturised* and mattified.
Day after day, skin tone and radiance are restored, skin appears visibly strengthened, revitalised and rejuvenated.

Immediately after the 1st application:

• Sisleÿum instantly soothes razor burn90%**/***
• Sisleÿum provides instant comfort after shaving95%**/***
Dry skin version
• Skin is not shiny, it remains matt (on application)85%
• Skin is instantly moisturised and supple100%
Normal skin version
• Skin is clean and matt (on application)86%
• Instantly absorbs excess sebum 81%

After 4 weeks, the results are even more visible:

Anti-ageing action

• The product has a global action on all signs of ageing85%** / 71%***
• Skin is firmer90%**
• Wrinkles and fine lines appear visibly smoothed/reduced85%** / 62%***
Anti-fatigue action
• Skin appears visibly stronger90%**/***
• Skin appears visibly revived and strengthened as if revitalised90%**
• Product restores tone to tired or stressed skin90%**/***

* Upper layers of the epidermis
** Self assessment tests carried out by 20 men with normal to dry skin - cream texture
*** Self assessment tests carried out by 21 men with normal to oily skin - gel texture
Sisleÿum was tested on 288 men aged between 32 and 65 years, on the face and neck
for a period of 4 to 8 weeks